June 12, 2020

by Absolute Value |Marketing|

I just can’t say this enough – this IS more than a moment. This is a unique opportunity to really create a better city, state, country, world. We’re in charge of what happens next. This is more than a moment. This is an opportunity to examine ourselves closely and address #implicitbias, #explicitbias, #stereotypes, and #genderroles – just to name a few. But we only have a moment to decide where we stand. It’s not a comfortable place to be but – in this moment – it’s the only place to be because growth does not come easily. #Growth is difficult but necessary and because it’s necessary – it’s so much more than a moment. We thank our true #allies for standing strong with us as we push to make tomorrow better – for everyone. #marketing#mediamarketing#womeninmarketing#womeninmarketing#advertisingwithconscience

When considering messaging for your audience, the conversation about diversity and inclusion never ends. Building trust begins with seeking understanding and as brands consider the needs of their audience. We look beyond performative allyship to help build meaningful brand relationships with consumers.

Let’s continue the conversation…

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